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Supercharging Your Sex Life: Overcoming Low Libido

09 October, 2019 | Men

As men get older, sex drive decreases. Lowering libido is a natural part of aging. Testosterone levels decline with age. Fortunately, there are several ways to restore libido and get the sexual energy of a 0-year-old, including through supplements. Here is an overview of lowered sex drive and how to get it back

What Causes Low Libido?

Age is the most important factor. Libido is highest during adolescence, then gradually decreases each year. Blood pressure medications block firm erections. Certain medical treatments like chemotherapy also lower libido by affecting hormones. Some drugs for depression are also responsible for decrease in sexual desire.
How Can I Fix Low Libido?

Physical activities like lifting weights raise testosterone levels and improve sexual performance. Certain foods like broccoli preventing estrogen from forming in the body and increase testosterone.
Also, many supplements can be powerful libido-boosting tools.


Semenax, a proprietary herbal blend, increases fertility, supercharges ejaculations, and boosts sperm production.Semenax is packed with nutrients, including l-arginine, muira pauma and l-lysine. These work together to supercharge your reproductive system. More semen means more intense orgasms. Men taking Semenax report mind-blowing orgasms that they simply couldn’t imagine before trying the supplement. Give it a try today, and you’ll never go back to ordinary orgasm.

Volume Pills

Volume Pills is a great supplement to take alongside Semenax because they work together to create higher volumes of sperm and promote earth-shattering orgasms. Higher semen load is desirable for both men and women, making sex more enjoyable and making riveting orgasms. Blood flow to the penis is increased with Volume Pills, aiding stiffness in the erection and boosting performance.

ProSolution Plus

Finally, ProSolution Plus rounds out the package by reducing premature ejaculation by 64%. This means you can enjoy the performance-boosting properties of Semenax and Volume Pills while also lasting longer with ProSolution Plus. Doctors are astounded at the elimination of premature ejaculation in patients taking ProSolution Plus. Many men had thought this problem was unsolvable prior to trying this miracle breakthrough supplement.


TestRX is the perfect supplement for gym-going guys who want to maximize their performance, lift heavy, and reap the rewards of their hard work with deeply satisfying sex. With TestRX, your testosterone is driven into overdrive and you feel more masculine whenever you’re throwing around weight in the gym or at home with your woman. TestRX has the added advantage of shredding fat, thanks to your increased muscle mass and higher testosterone levels. The benefits of TesRX keep on giving!

These are the best, most effective products for men experiencing erectile dysfunction or lowered libido. Advancing age doesn’t mean you have to give up performance in bed. Supercharge your sex life with these amazing, effective products.